Unconventional hydrocarbons addressed in French language



The French Centre for Unconventional Hydrocarbons (CHNC) has published  dossiers on technical and environmental issues concerning shale gas and shale oil (weblink). They cover nine main topics including hydraulic fracturing, the additives used and  water management. 

These dossiers, which are also available in print, were submitted for advice to the CHNCĀ“s Scientific Council prior to publication. The text is intended to be updated periodically, as techniques, knowledge and legislation advance. 

CHNC is an industry-sponsored entity with the mission to collect, evaluate and disseminate information on non-conventional hydrocarbons in the technical, environmental and economic areas. It draws on the expertise of a Scientific Council, composed of persons from the academic world to ensure the validity of its publications.

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Unconventional hydrocarbons addressed in French language